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If you’re afraid of the dentist, you’re not alone. Over three-quarters of adults experience dental anxiety and worry about the pain they might face at a dental appointment. At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we know that most people are not comfortable with visiting the dentist and that dental phobia is a real phenomenon.

Our highly skilled dentists specialize in helping patients manage dental anxiety. NOVA Dental Anesthesia uses comfort dentistry techniques with every procedure. Our in-house dental anesthesiologist employs sedative methodologies that put your mind at ease while we put a healthy smile on your face.

NOVA Dental Anesthesia welcomes our new Dentist Anesthesiologist, Dr. Rafil Ali!

Dr. Rafil Ali has returned to NOVA Dental Anesthesia after completing his 36-month, hospital-based, anesthesiology residency program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Rafil Ali received specialized training in pediatrics, anesthesia for patients with special needs, and medically compromised patients. We are lucky to have Dr. Rafil Ali back in our practice to share his experience and insights to help provide the best experience to everyone who steps foot in our office!

We offer a full suite of professional and safe sedation dentistry and general anesthesia services for every dental treatment that we provide, including cosmetic dentistry procedures, children’s dentistry,  root canals, and implant dentistry that soothe and relax adults and children who:

  • Deal with dental anxiety or phobia.
  • Have physical or mental disabilities.
  • Are frightened, nervous, or restless.
  • Have difficulty getting numb.
  • Need extensive dental treatment.
  • Have special needs.
  • Prefer to have a sedation dentist.
  • Have gag reflex.

Serving the wonderful people of Burke VA, Fairfax VA, Springfield VA, and Franconia VA.

Do You Dread Going To The Dentist? Fear No More!

NOVA Dental Anesthesia has over 20 years of experience with improving patient comfort, smiles, and changing lives. Please contact our Northern VA office today.

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