Breaking Free from Dentures: Why Dental Implants Are the Superior Choice

Breaking Free from Dentures: Why Dental Implants Are the Superior Choice

July 1, 2023

Have you replaced missing teeth with dentures and are considering making further investments in your smile in a stable and permanent solution for your missing teeth? You have decided correctly because although dentures help restore missing teeth to improve mouth functionality and smile, they are not permanent replacement solutions for missing teeth. If you want a stable and durable solution for the teeth you lost, the optimal option to substitute your teeth is dental implants.

Dentures have served people for over a century, and dentists have constantly improved their appearance, making them look natural. However, dentures have some downsides making them inappropriate if you desire a permanent solution in your mouth for your missing teeth.

This blog explains why breaking free from dentures by choosing superior dental implants will resolve the tooth loss problem affecting you permanently. Please learn more about dental implants and why they are superior to dentures.

The Limitations of Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth helping people with tooth loss with a single or several to replace them. However, the prosthetics sit on the gums and are susceptible to shifting and slipping when eating and speaking. Dentures need adhesives to hold them securely in place and prevent embarrassment from the frequent movement in the mouth.

Getting dentures temporarily resolves the issues with missing teeth but does not act as a permanent solution because they need frequent relining because the jaw changes shape, and replacements every five years. Denture limitations will make you consider getting dental implants as a replacement solution that does not make you endure constant problems with the replacement teeth.

The Superiority of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Burke, VA, are far superior to dentures for replacing teeth because they are not placed on your gums but embedded deep into your jawbone. The titanium posts inserted in your jawbone function as a natural tooth root substitute you lost with your natural teeth. After healing from the surgical process for dental implant placement, the Arlington specialists will place a custom-created porcelain dental crown to function as your replacement tooth.

Dental implants will not shift or slip in the mouth because your jawbone holds them after fusing with them to become part of your body. The implant remains in your jaw permanently, and the dental crown mounted on the implant will require replacements after a decade or more due to natural wear and tear or damage.

What Do You Gain from Dental Implants?

You accrue many benefits when you decide to replace dentures with implants from the dentist in Arlington, VA. Below are some advantages dental implants provide over dentures as substitutes for missing teeth.

Natural Look and Feel

The titanium post embedded in your jawbone integrates with your body in approximately six months, allowing the dentist near you to have a customized porcelain dental crown for mounting over the implant created. Porcelain dental crowns resemble and feel like your natural teeth and remain indistinguishable in your mouth. You do not confront challenges when eating, smiling, or maintaining excellent dental hygiene because your artificial teeth are held by a titanium implant, functioning as your missing tooth root. Dental implants also offer comfort. They do not slip or shift, giving you the confidence to have the foods you want and smile as you, please.

Stability and Comfort

A dental implant near you provides a stable and comfortable solution for replacement teeth and remains permanently in your mouth without causing discomfort after healing. In addition, the artificial tooth root in your jawbone stimulates it to ensure it does not deteriorate to change your facial appearance. While the artificial teeth help with chewing and smiling, the titanium post fortifies your jawbone, making it stable to hold your replacement tooth.

Improved Quality of Life

When you replace teeth with dental implants nearby, the replacement solution also helps improve your overall quality of life. You won’t confront challenges like removing your artificial teeth every night for cleaning and storage or visiting dentists for relining. Dental implants remain firmly in your mouth, requiring brushing and flossing daily and evaluations by your dentist at six-monthly intervals. You can enjoy your favorite foods without concerns and never worry about changes in your facial shape. The implants stimulate your jawbone from the chewing and biting forces to help you find a permanent replacement solution for missing teeth in your jawbone.

If you are concerned about discomfort with dentures, Nova Dental Anesthesia offers a solution with superior dental implants than dentures for your missing teeth. Consider meeting them today to discuss your concerns and get dental implants in your jawbone to improve your quality of life.

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