First Visit

What To Expect For Your Dental Appointment in Burke

Photo: A dentist looking at a dental radiograph /  x-ray


Once you arrive to our office, you will receive a warm welcome by our lovely front desk. 

Meet the Staff

Our front desk will take you to our consultation room where you will meet our friendly staff who will be able to go over any initial questions you may have before seeing the doctors.

Meet the Dentist and/or Anesthesiologist

Then our Doctors and/or Anesthesiologists will join you in the consolation room.  These Doctors will be taking care of you during your time with us. All of your dental and sedation questions will be answered and this is your time to ask questions and share your concerns and expectations with our Doctors!

Pictures & Radiographs

After the consultation with our Doctors, you will be taken to the examination room where our pleasant assistants will begin taking pictures and x-rays of your teeth to aid with our comprehensive examination.


Our doctors will then evaluate the x-rays along with an examination of your mouth and teeth, assess the health of your gums, and provide an oral cancer screening.

Review of Findings

Following the examination, our doctors will review their findings while giving you a tour of your mouth (using pictures and x-rays) and answer any follow up questions you may have.

How can you help? If you answer YES to the following questions, please call the office prior to your appointment: NOVA Dental Anesthesia Phone Number 703-672-6919

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