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Patient Promotions Available Now at NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Burke, Northern Virginia

At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we know that dental care and dental emergencies are often the last priority in a patient’s budget. This means that, in many cases, dental care is often put on the back burner, and small dental concerns have the potential to grow into major dental concerns when left untreated. In other words, a small cavity that is routinely restored with a tooth-colored filling could manifest into a missing tooth or gum disease.

That’s why we’re committed to providing patients not only with the best possible dental care but with many promotions, as well! Call us for assistance: NOVA Dental Anesthesia Phone Number 703-672-6919.

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New patient special

ONLY for patients without Insurance!

Package includes:

  • Comprehensive exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • A full set of X-rays
  • Fluoride and a regular cleaning (in the absence of perio (gum) disease)

(Reg Value $651.00)

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Emergency dental visit special

ONLY for patients without Insurance!

Package includes:

  • Limited exam
  • 1 periapical x-ray

(Reg Value $189.00)

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Sedation Consultation

Our 30-minute Sedation Consultation includes:*

  • Medical consultation
  • Dental Consultation
  • Anesthesia Consultation

*For more complex treatments or complex medical conditions, restrictions may apply.

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Second Opinion Consultation

We invite you to schedule your free 30-minute sedation consultation to show you how we can help you save on your dental sedation appointment.

Consultation includes*:

  • Medical consultation
  • Dental consultation
  • Please bring X-rays and treatment plan

*For more complex treatments, more time may be required.

Special Needs Package

Our Special Needs Wellness Package includes:

  • General Anesthesia (60 minutes)
  • Complete Set of X-rays
  • Extra & Intra Oral Images
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Periodontal Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Regular Cleaning



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Dental Implants

We offer a $1000 discount for patients with no insurance. This package includes:

  • Implant placement
  • Implant custom abutment
  • Implant crown

$1000 off

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

For a limited time $299 for patients without insurance

*while supplies last


only $299

How You Can Benefit from a Promotion

If you’ve been putting your dental health on hold, there is no better time than the present for booking an appointment with NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Northern VA. As one of the leading anesthesia dental practices, we offer a pain-free and anxiety-free experience with various sedation and anesthesia options.

NOVA Dental Anesthesia Has an In-House Smile Club

In addition to the new patient specials mentioned above, NOVA Dental Anesthesia offers an in-house Smile Club Membership Plan that includes:

  • One full set of x-rays per year
  • Two oral cancer screenings per year
  • Two general dentistry exams per year
  • Two regular cleanings per year
  • Two fluoride treatments per year
  • PLUS: 15% off all dental procedures (excluding sedation/general anesthesia services)

Need More Reasons to Book Your Appointment Today?

In conjunction with general and cosmetic dentistry that can include sedation and general anesthesia, our practice is highly experienced in treating patients with anxiety, phobia, uncooperative children, complex medical conditions, and treating patients with disabilities, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and more. Dr. Ali has completed extensive training in the treatment of children of all ages and those with special needs. If you or someone you love is an anxious patient in need of calming, experienced care, Dr. Ali specializes in providing safe, effective, hospital-grade anesthesia to those who request it.