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Redefining Dental Anxiety—A New Level of Comfort

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Does the mere mention of the word dentist make you anxious? At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As the only dental practice in our area with a certified anesthesiologist available at all times for scheduled appointments and unlimited check-ins before, during, and after treatments, we offer 100% anxiety-free dental care.

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For adults, children, and those with special needs, we offer IV Sedation with all procedures, including:

  • Extractions
  • Implants
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Cleanings

IV Sedation—”Twilight Sedation”

At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, IV Sedation—a very comfortable sedation option that doesn’t involve a lengthy recovery phase—is our specialty. IV Sedation is also referred to as “Twilight Sedation” because it causes patients to drift in and out of sleep, relaxed and calm, with no memory of the surgery once it’s over. This type of sedation is administered through an IV in our office and can be reversed at any time with an antidote. It is a safe and very effective way to perform procedures on patients who have anxiety about surgery.

Do You Dread Going To The Dentist? Fear No More!

NOVA Dental Anesthesia has over 20 years of experience with improving patient comfort, smiles, and changing lives. Please contact our Northern VA office today.

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Benefits—IV Sedation

We are proud to provide sedation dentistry that ensures a completely relaxing and pain-free experience for the most anxious of patients. The benefits of IV Sedation are priceless. Intravenous Sedation is:

  • Immediate—The moment we give you an IV and the calming medication enters your bloodstream, all tension will ease, and your worries will vanish. The effects of IV sedation will take over as you feel your anxiety slip away almost instantly.
  • Lasting—We will make sure that the medication you receive intravenously keeps you calm throughout your entire procedure, monitoring you closely from beginning to end.
  • Adjustable—We monitor your heart rate, cardiogram, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level to ensure you are getting the optimal amount of medication. If necessary, we can end the sedation and procedure at any time.
  • Practical—Since you are comfortable and relaxed in the chair, we are able to carry out several procedures at a time.
  • Magical—The true beauty of IV Sedation for the anxious patient is that you will not remember a thing. You will be utterly unaware of any sounds, sights, or details of the procedure.

Say good-bye to those butterflies. At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, you are in the hands of experts. If you have any concerns about an upcoming procedure, please give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to guarantee the best experience possible. NOVA Dental Anesthesia Phone Number 703-672-6919