How to remove dentures

  1. Before you do anything, first fill a sink with warm water to prevent your dentures breaking if they’re accidentally dropped.

  2. Rinse your mouth with warm water

  3. To remove top dentures, press your thumb against the inside of your front teeth and then push up and outwards towards the nose.

  4. To remove lower dentures, pull slowly with a rocking motion.

How to clean dentures

  1. Always keep your dentures moist to stop them from drying out and losing their shape.

  2. Soak and store them in a denture cleanser solution or water, preferably overnight. Never submerge dentures in hot water as they could warp.

  3. Take a soft-bristled brush, apply a little toothpaste and comfortably warm water and gently brush to remove any adhesive from your palate, tongue and mouth. Make sure all denture adhesive is removed to ensure a firm and comfortable fit.

  4. Stabilizing Loose Dentures. Ask your dentist or prosthodontist about supporting your denture with dental implants.

prolong or discourage the healing process.

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