Please follow these instructions for care and use of your new Occlusal Guard.

  1. Clean daily with soap and water. Use a denture-cleaning tablet (Polident, Efferdent) to freshen your mouth guard and when build-up is noticed. Follow package instructions.

  2. Do not place your occlusal guard in direct sunlight.

  3. Rinse your occlusal guard before and after use and store in a dry, clean case.

  4. Keep your occlusal guard out of reach from pets and children, especially dogs.

  5. Never wear an occlusal guard appliance while eating. Doing so may be painful and possibly traumatic to the opposing teeth.

  6. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach forces your head to be turned to the side, which may cause significant muscular strain.

  7. Discontinue all gum chewing if you have existing jaw pain.

  8. Occlusal Guard use should be discontinued and adjusted by your doctor:

    • If your occlusal guard is uncomfortable, too tight or binding, too loose (can be removed with your tongue), or damaged.

    • If when wearing the occlusal guard your back teeth or canine teeth can somehow touch each other in various jaw positions.

    • If your occlusal guard is causing additional muscle or jaw soreness after continued use.

  9. Wearing your occlusal guard nightly will ensure that it protects your teeth from damage.

  10. Bring your mouth guard to your regular dental cleaning appointments for inspection and professional cleaning.

prolong or discourage the healing process.

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