Sedation Dentistry for Children in Burke, VA

Treatment for Your Children Without the Trauma

Dr. Rasool’s focus on kids allows for her unique and specialized task of creating a child-friendly environment that fosters a relaxed, fun, and loving dental experience for children, beginning at a very young age. If your child has had difficulty with dental appointments in the past, we at NOVA Dental Anesthesia are equipped with a variety of options that will soothe your child.

Oral Sedation

It is important to us that your child has a positive dental experience during the early years to avoid developing an ongoing fear of oral health care providers. Dr. Wissam Ali administers oral conscious sedation, commonly referred to as “Sleep Dentistry”, to children with dental anxiety to help ensure a relaxed visit.

IV Sedation

When past dentists have not taken the appropriate steps to ease a child’s fears or when a child is not able to remain still during treatments, Dr. Ali offers IV Sedation, a very comfortable sedation option that doesn’t involve a lengthy recovery phase. “Twilight Sedation” causes children to drift in and out of sleep, relaxed and calm, with no memory of the surgery once it’s over.

General Anesthesia

If other sedation options aren’t enough, a medication-induced state of sleep may be key in bringing comfort and ease to your child during more complex or lengthy dental procedures. Our in-house anesthesiologist is always on hand to administer general anesthesia.

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